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Humboldt County Forrest Yoga Teacher: Eureka & Arcata Ca

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Hudson Valley Forrest Yoga Teacher


Yoga Bio

Layla Ann Lugo was first introduced to yoga as a child and has been practicing ever since.


After years of suffering from severe neck and back pain, she began a daily practice of Forrest and Stellarflow Yoga— and has begun living pain-free!  Both styles of yoga emphasize practicing with a soft neck and thoughtful ujjayi breath, which she attributes to helping her find a sense of ease and comfort within her body.  


Now as a Certified Forrest Yoga Teacher and a Certified Stellarflow Yoga Teacher, Layla Ann uses Forrest, Hatha, and Vinyasa based methods— accompanied by healing hands-on assists— to knowledgeably work with and guide her students, as they learn to find ease and comfort within their own bodies.

Silver Fox Yoga™ - yoga to combat the ailments of aging

Silver Fox Yoga is the knowledgeable culmination and innate expression of Layla Ann's yogic studies.  Unique training and first-hand knowledge of pain management inspired Silver Fox Yoga. The poses and sequencing of Silver Fox Yoga are crafted based upon her lengthy relationship with pain, aging, scoliosis, and fused C-SPINE vertebrae. By integrating thoughtful, healing breath with educated movements, she safely and gently shares her experience on how to achieve an increased range of motion, lengthen and improve posture, and learn to embrace newfound ease and mobility, by working from the inside out.    


Silver Fox Yoga is a unique style of yoga that addresses the ailments and limitations we generally attribute to early aging. It is a long-needed bridge between the thoughtful slow-paced restorative styles of yoga (which might not be engaging enough for some students) and the fast-paced, more physically demanding, vinyasa-style classes. Silver Fox Yoga is an inviting style for those who are new to yoga and challenging and informative enough for practiced yogis who are looking to deepen their mindfulness, knowledge of functional anatomy, and practice of asanas.



Personal Interests - there's way too little time for just one passion!

Born and raised in the rural Lost Coast of California, Layla Ann has a deep connection to the natural world.  When not on her yoga mat, she can be found hiking local trails, crafting feather earrings, and speaking her truth through heartfelt songs that she writes on her guitar. Well-traveled with an appreciation for international food and cultures; Layla Ann believes that we should embrace what we love! She embraces traditional Italian cooking served with a glass of regionally paired wine, she listens to german and Italian language tapes when she drives and AC/DC when she jogs, and after an intense yoga practice, she can be found ordering generous portions of Tikka Masala and Aloo Palak.


In addition to teaching yoga, Layla Ann applies her professional background of business and event management towards helping small northern California businesses thrive with website design and image branding. 

Follow this link to WEBSITES & BRANDING by Layla Ann

Teaching Certifications
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