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Hudson Valley Forrest Yoga Teacher


Silver Fox Yoga is a unique style of yoga that addresses the ailments and limitations we generally attribute to aging. By integrating thoughtful, healing breath with educated movements, we can range of motion, lengthen to improve posture, and embrace a newfound ease of mobility.  


Healing Classes are designed with intelligent anatomy-based sequencing. hands-on assists are used to help students bring awareness and breath into their body.  Various modifications are offered for each pose; students are encouraged and aught to "up-level" or "down-level" in accordance to what feels right in their own body for that particular pose. 


It is possible to begin to care for and move our bodies in the way they were designed to move, at any age.  The sooner we do, the longer we can enjoy freedom of mobility and strength of movement. For this reason, Silver Fox Yoga is beneficial to students of many ages!  



Fundamentals of Silver Fox Yoga


Linking breath to movement helps support and oxygenate internal systems and calm unsettled nerves by becoming present in the moment. When we breathe with deep, thoughtful "breath-intention" into sore or tight muscles, we can ease tension and help them become stronger and more supportive.  


Silver Fox Yoga invites you to see what part of each pose you can do and offers modifications within each pose.  Too often a student will push or force themselves to do a pose that causes pain or discomfort, this is bad for their boy and it defeats the purpose of the quality of movement. Move with quality, integrity, and breath.  yoga, because the integrity of the pose becomes lost.  Silver Fox Yoga offers an alternative to pain.  It offers you tools that will help you to get to know your body, learn to listen to what it needs, and use props and modifications that will best support you. Allow your yoga to thrive with integrity. 


Intelligent Sequencing-   Each Siver Fox Yoga class is themed around a particular intent.  All poses are sequenced with a particular theme in mind.   The more advanced classes will be sequenced and leading towards a peak pose;  all warm up poses are chosen to prepare and open the body in preparation of the peak pose.  



Class Levels

Silver Fox Yoga Level I-  Paced for students who are new to yoga.  Detailed descriptions of each yoga pose is provided.  It is helpful for intermediate students who are looking to deepen their practice or are working towards healing an injury.  Level I classes focus on breathwork, adapting a deeper quality of movement, and learning to listen to what our bodies need in various poses. 



* Class is taught in a slightly heated, 75 degree room, music may be played.



Silver Fox Yoga Level  II- A more active class for students practiced in other styles of yoga— or for students who have mastered the fundamentals of Silver Fox Level I— and want to more about functional anatomy and in depth details about how our bodies are designed to move.  Level II students have experienced freedom in their hips and shoulders and are able to incorporate breath with movement.  Level ll students are also learning to listen to their bodies and understand when they need to modify poses to be true to their bodies and receive the benefits of the asana. II- 



* Class is taught in a slightly heated, 80 degree room, music may be played.



Silver Fox Yoga helps students deepen their experience of how to live, more fully, within their own bodies.



We often have a one-sided conversation with the pain in our bodies— the pain says, "I'm here!"

And for some reason, we allow it to stay. wtf.  





With yoga we explore how our muscles and  

bones are designed to move and we become 

curious about the parts that

feel tight or in pain. 


This is the first step towards understanding our physical pain.

It's also the first step towards healing the pain

and the emotional components

we attach to it.  



Silver Fox Yoga™